A2osX Build 2600 Released

Enhancements in TCP/IP and VT100, and Improved Performance Brian J. Bernstein, one of the developers behind the Apple II A2osX project, has just announced the release of A2osX Build 2600, packed with exciting updates and improvements. This latest version brings significant modifications to the TCP/IP and VT100 functionality, delivering enhanced performance and a smoother user […]

Brutal Deluxe Releases NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension

Brutal Deluxe Software, the group renowned for their Apple IIGS software, has announced the immediate release of their latest creation, the NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension. This new extension is specifically designed for the Apple IIgs System 6.x and provides users with the ability to play NTP (NinjaTrackerPlus) songs directly from the Finder. The NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension is a […]

KEGS Apple IIGS Emulator Updated

Kent Dickey, the creator of the KEGS Apple IIgs emulator, has released a new version of the software. KEGS v1.23 features changes that are designed to improve the emulator’s performance and stability. One of the most significant changes in KEGS v1.23 is the way the emulator tracks time. Previously, KEGS used a double to track […]

Apple IIGS Gopher Alpha 5 Released

Over the past several months, Kelvin Sherlock has been pushing out alpha releases of a Gopher client for the Apple IIgs. While still in Alpha state, the current version of the GS-Gopher client is not only robust but also quite useable. Some of the updates included in the Alpha 5 release of the GS-Gopher Client […]

Nox Archaist – Lord of Storms Released

The highly anticipated expansion pack for Nox Archaist, titled “Lord of Storms,” has finally arrived, bringing a wave of excitement among Apple II gaming enthusiasts. Developed by 6502 Workshop, this expansion marks a significant milestone as the first-ever expansion for an Apple II RPG released by the original developers. Available for purchase through one of […]

NEWPRINT Firmware Updated – v1.4.1 Released

Technology enthusiast and developer Kyle Wadsten has released a new version of his firmware for the NEWPRINT printer emulator card. The latest update, version 1.4.1 brings various new features, including a fix for IIGS users who were experiencing blank lines in their PrintShop output. This issue was caused by timing problems with older Grappler cards […]