ProDOS Drivers 1.3 Released

Joshua Bell has released the latest rendition of his ProDOS Drivers disk. The ProDOS Drivers version 1.3 includes a host of drivers for various cards in the Apple II series computers. Some of the drivers included in this version are: Real-time Clock drivers No-Slot Clock Cricket! Applied Engineering DClock RAM Disk drivers RAMWorks Driver by […]

Applecorn Emulator Updated

Bobbi Webber-Manners has released an update to her Applecorn emulator. Applecorn is an Apple II ProDOS based BBC Micro emulator that has multiple language capability within the emulator. The emulator features 32KB of program space and has been confirmed to work with the following BBC Based languages. BBC BASIC Acornsoft COMAL Acornsoft FORTH Acornsoft Lisp […]

Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator has been updated. Tom Charlesworth, the curator of the Applewin project has added additional configuration support to the latest release, version 1.30.4 as well as a host of other items: [Change #975] Extend Configuration’s Disk GUI to support a Disk II controller in slot 5. [Change #977] Add per-slot configuration to the […]

Emailler Version 2.1.8 Released

From Bobbi Manners on the CSA2 group on Usenet: I am pleased to announce the release of Emai//er v2.1.8. This is a bugfix release which fixes a little issue in the quoted-printable decoder.  Emai//er is an email and Usenet news suite for the Apple //e or IIgs with Uthernet-II ethernet card.  Download v2.1.8 here: (Naturally, I am […]

Burroughs 220 Simulator Updated

Version 2.1 of the Burroughs 220 Simulator has been released. Michael J. Mahon, the author of the B220SIM App announced it in a posting on the Comp.sys.Apple2 group on usenet From Michael J. Mahon on the CSA2 Groups: it’s been a few years since I released version 1.2, which completed the simulation of the processor and […]

Kent’s Emulated GS (KEGS) Updated

Kent Dickey has announced the release of the latest version of Kent’s Emulated GS (KEGS). KEGS version 1.11 for Mac and Linux include a host of updates and new features including the following: KEGS should support many international keyboards, converting your local keys to the US equivalents: [,],|, etc. Italian works least well, sorry. KEGS […]

Ciderpress 4.1.0 Released

From the CSA2 group and Andy McFadden: This was a relative minor release. I bumped the minor version because of the compatibility break. Changes since v4.0.5:  * Added save and restore of main window placement (issue #41). * Added workaround for ProDOS sparse file issue (issues #15 and #49). * Updated to modern build tools (breaks WinXP […]

Virtual II 10.4 Released

Gerard Putter has announced the release of the latest version of his Virtual II Apple II Emulator. The latest release, Virtual II version 10.4, includes a number of fixes and improvements including: Improved the appearance and behavior of the main window toolbar. Created an option to save screen snapshots with an 8-pixel black border. Previously, […]

Manic Miner 1.1a Released

Stefan Weasels has released an update to his Manic Miner re-work. Manic Miner was originally written for the ZX-81 in 1983 by Matthew Smith, this version maintains all of the original spirit of the ZX version and makes a very playable Apple II version. According to the author: The 1.1 Release was meant to be […]