Dragon’s Lair III GS Released

Brutal Deluxe’s own Antoine Vignau announced the release of the third rendition of Dragon’s Lair for the Apple IIgs. According to the release notes on the Brutal Deluxe website, A year has passed since Mordroc’s demise at the hands of Dirk the Daring. Having pursued the evil wizard through the depths of time, Dirk confronted […]

Ample MAME Interface Updated

Kelvin Sherlock has released a bug fix release of the Ample MAME Interface for MAC OS. The latest version 0.244-1, includes the following updates: Includes experimental Uthernet II support. IPRAW, MACRAW, and UDP sockets should be fine. TCP/IP sockets are a little rougher (resends and timeouts not yet implemented) but wget65 and A2Stream worked in my tests. […]

Identify II 2.11 Released

Thx to your support and feedback ID2 V.2.11 is now officially released into the wild tonight. The new version contains bug fixes and enhancements: BugFix: Detection of SLOT AUX on Apple //e with a 6502 CPU had a bug showing the card physically in AUX SLOT to be listed in SLOT 7. With a 65C02 CPU the detection worked correctly. This has been […]

CALL -151 – New Facebook Apple II Programming Group

Join our new group dedicated to all sorts of Apple II programming. Enjoy exclusive content and participate in experts’ discussions. Current content: Beta-releases of demos and tools (e.g. pre-releases of ID2 for early-bird testing) Behind the scenes of hardware autodetection: How ID2 works Exclusive HowTo-video tutorials and much more! Made by people and for people who still enjoy […]

Applewin Emulator Updated

An update to the Applewin Apple II emulator has been released. Applewin 1.30.10 was released by Tom Charlesworth as a major bug fix update and includes the following change: [Change #51097] Extend Uthernet II to support DNS offloading. [@audetto] Details: https://github.com/a2retrosystems/uthernet2/wiki/Virtual-W5100-with-DNS No need for ethernet, so now works with host PC’s WiFi. Supported by @oliverschmidt‘s A2Stream v1.2. […]

John Romero Releases Memoir

John Romero, the author of the computer game Doom among many other games and owner of Romero Games, has announced his memoir. The book, DOOM GUY – Life in First Person is a look back at Johns forays in the gaming industry and where it has gone during his tenure. Although the book is not […]


This week, TubeTimeUS on Twitter announced that he had successfully replicated the Quadram Quadlink card from the 1980’s.  While Quadram was better known for their RAM cards, the Quadlink offered a ray of hop to those computer users who wanted the best of both worlds, the XT and the Apple II. Sporting a look right […]

GS Speaker App for Listener Released

Chris Vavruska has released the GS Speaker App on the Microsoft Store which allows a WindowsPC to communicate with your TCP networked Apple IIGS running the Listener application by Jeremy Rand. For more information or to download Listener, check out the Listener Github page at: https://github.com/jeremysrand/Listener The App is a free download from the Microsoft […]

Identify II 2.10 Released

8-Bit Shack has announce the immediate availability of the Identify ][ system analysis tool. Identify ][ is a simple tool that lets you scan and analyze any of the computers of the Apple II family in less than 20 seconds and gain some insight in installed features. Emulators are supported as well. Thx to Daniel Henderson’s and Joel McWilliam’s comprehensive […]