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Welcome to the home page of the Apple IIgs Laptop project.  While many people over the years have talked about this project in one respect or another, the dreaming can finally stop.  The future is here for the IIgs.   

While we think the other efforts out there are great starts, life with the IIgs should be fuller and more mobile.  Key features of the new machines will include all the specs you would want from a real machine. 

Coming in July 2012 will be the next generation portable Apple IIgs. 

The all-new A2GS-L01 

System Specifications

-- ROM01 Apple IIgs Motherboard

-- 15" RGB LCD output

-- 8mb of RAM *

-- Ethernet connectivity via Uthernet Card **

-- Compact Flash HDD ***

-- TDX Stereo Sound Card

-- ADB Touch Pad

-- Transwarp IIgs Capable ****

-- Built in Battery with enough juice to run at least 225 minutes fully loaded****

-- Four level battery power indicator

The really cool features of the machines go far beyond the internal components.  We think that everyone will enjoy the other features of the Laptop IIgs including:


-- Low power consumption

-- Durability.

-- Expandability

-- Easily upgraded

-- Long Life Battery

If you would like to see the new machines up close and personal, be sure to see our demo at KFest 2011

Stay tuned to our web blog for further updates on the machines and upcoming demos and availability.


* The card configuration will be 4 to 8 mb depending on the amount requested by the individual customers.

** The type of Uthernet available will depend on current levels of availability at the time of purchase.

*** This option is user configurable with the type of card being selectable by the individual customer at time of purchase.

**** At this time, Transwarp IIgs and ZipGS cards are being tested in the prototypes and availability will depend greatly on current stocks and future projects to replicate the card.  No guarantee of availability is implied or given for these cards.

**** Normal usage with lightweight cards expected to be in 5-6 hour range.  Fully loaded means with Transwarp / Zip-GS card inserted in the machine.

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